Showroom in Aarhus C

Opening hours in week 7 (winter break)
You. 12/2: 12-3.30 p.m
Tues. 13/2: 12-3.30 p.m
Wed. 14/2: 12-3.30 p.m
Dry. 15/2: Closed
Fri. 16/2: 12-3.30 p.m
Sat. 17/2: 11-15 


Dress the Bird has a warehouse and showroom/store at Kjeld Tolstrups Gade 104 in Aarhus C.

You are very welcome to stop by if you want to try on/buy clothes, pick up your package or return an order.

All items on the webshop can be tried on and purchased in the showroom. You can pay with both card and MobilePay.

The showroom is shared with the shop Jake's Apparel, which caters to everyone who loves motorcycles, surfing and the American heritage style.

You will find the showroom here:

Dress the bird & Jakes Apparel

Kjeld Tolstrup Street 104-106

8000 Aarhus C

Tel. 42 47 45 44 (cannot receive text messages)

Opening hours: Weekdays 11-17 (subject to holidays and illness)