Find the right size

We sell many different brands in the shop and size and fit can therefore vary a lot from dress to dress. But don't worry - we have done our very best to guide you as well as possible in choosing the right size.

1. Measure yourself

We always recommend that you measure yourself, as many of the brands we sell have a different fit than you are used to from the mainstream stores. To find your size, you must first know your own measurements.

  • Chest: Measure all the way around your chest (with the bra you want to wear) where the breast is largest.
  • Waist: Measure all the way around your waist without clothes. Measure where your waist is smallest. It is often a good pieceover navel.
  • Hips: Measure all the way around your buttocks and your hips without clothes on. Measure where you are widest.


    2. Compare with the measurement chart

    We sell many different brands in the shop and there can be a big difference in the fit. Under all products, you will therefore find a size guide that is unique for exactly the item you are looking at. Here you will find the manufacturer's measurement form and our own comments on the size. For the most part, the measurement charts are based onbody size - no cloths measurements. So you need to compare your own measurements with the measurements listed in the chart to find your size. Sometimes the measurement chart showsof clothing actual measurements. In that case, we clearly write this over the form.

    3. Consider the fit of the garment

    Often you will find that your measurements do not fit exactly into the size categories described by the manufacturer. For each item, we have therefore stated what you should choose if you are between two sizes, or whether the model is generally small or large in size.

    In addition, we set the measurements of the woman wearing the clothes on the product photos, and we never put needles in the back to make a dress fit better. That way, we hope to give you a real impression of how the fit of the clothes is.


    Are you still in doubt?

    If you are still in doubt about which size to choose, you are always welcome to contact us. Send us if necessary. your measurements in an email - then we will come up with a recommendation in relation to size.


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